Last Price: 0.0 BTC/USD Low: 0.0 BTC/USD High: 0.0 BTC/USD security Bug Bounty Program.

We always care about data security and resources of our customers, so we offer you to take part in finding of vulnerabilities of Exchange.

If you notice or find any issues/bugs in the system that affect the integrity and reliability of operation, please let us know at [email protected].

The rules for filing a bug report:

  1. You need to be registered on the exchange
  2. When applying report, you must enter your ID and e-mail, under which you are registered on the Exchange.
  3. In the e-mail you should describe in details the steps how that issue can be reproduced.
  4. Screenshots with the issue will be highly appreciated.

Rules for participation in Bug Bounty program:

  1. Do not get any unauthorized access to accounts and private data on the servers.
  2. Prohibited DDoS / spam attack.
  3. Any encroachment on the reliability and integrity of services that Exchange provides are prohibited.
  4. All efforts to find vulnerabilities and integrity of personal data should not be directed to other users of the Exchange. If such activity is detected, your account may be suspended.
  5. Using of automated applications and scanners to influence the work and integrity of the data Exchange is prohibited.
  6. Publicly publication of vulnerabilities found on the Exchange is prohibited. You need to notify us about that issue.

The administration has the right to take appropriate action to stop unfair behavior of participant taking part in the program Bug Bounty Exchange.