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Term Of Service

1. Terms of service

By registering on the site ("Site", "Resource") and using it, you agree to accept and comply with the terms of use set forth below ("Terms of Use"). Before you use this Site strongly recommend that you read the terms of this service.

Depending on the country which you live in or from which country you visit the Site, some features or full access may be not available. Before using the Site encourage you to read the laws and regulations of the country where you live or from which country you visit the Site.

The Site provides all registered and verified users equal rights to use all the functions of the Resource.

By registering on this Resource, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and agree to all of the Terms of Site Use.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Site, as described in this agreement, we recommend you not to use this Resource and leave the Site.

2. Risks

You need to evaluate your financial situation and willingness to take risks arising on the sale, purchase or trade Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency represented on the Exchange.

Any trade real or virtual products, as well as trade virtual currency provides a substantial risk. Prices may vary at any time as a large, and in the smaller side. Therefore, because these vibrations can multiply their assets, but also to reduce them. Any currency, and even more virtual exposed to large fluctuations as a result of which it reduces its value, and possibly lose completely. There is a risk that losses may occur as a result of the purchase, sale or trade Cryptocurrency on the exchange.

3. Access to the Site

Access to the site is carried out by providing each user a unique identification number (login) and password you specified during registration.

4. Termination of access or denial of access to the Site

Site Administration (creators, developers, support service) are not responsible for enforcing compliance by you and ignoring these rules, use of resources.

Accounts that impede or disrupt the normal functioning of the Site, at the discretion of the Site, without any warning, will be permanently removed from the site without the possibility of recovery.

5. Types of exchanges on the Exchange

The Site provides services of buyers and sellers to buy and sell on the Internet Bitcoins and other currencies, on this website (LTC, QWC, XPM, NMC, BLK).

6. Use of personal accounts

When you create your personal account, you agree that you are ready to provide accurate information about your identity including 2 photos of documents for verification of your account. You agree and will be responsible for what you use your account only for trading activities on the Site. You may not use your account and the funds received for trading on the Website for illegal purposes, such as criminal activity, money laundering, financing of terrorism and other illegal activities.

Any account that is created on the Site before the start of their trading activities must undergo a mandatory verification with the provision of original documents certifying the identity of the user. All your personal information in your account (account credentials, cryptocurrency wallet addresses) should be kept confidential, you should not disclose your information to third parties. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their information. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please, without delay, inform the support of the Site along with its identification number at [email protected]

Site Administration has the right to terminate or suspend the operation of any user's account if it has been seen for the activity that creates problems for the normal functioning of the site or activity that violates these Terms. As activities account may be suspended or terminated in case of the administration of the site have been noticed unauthorized access to resources and bypass the security features of the Site; use the Site for illegal activities such as terrorism financing, money laundering and other illegal activities.

7. Work of Site

The Site Administration does not guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of resources, but will make every effort to provide you with all the services and services at any time.

Any emails sent over the Internet are not safe, so the administration of the Site shall not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of the transfer.

8. Changing the rules of the Site